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    Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all Canadians, Aloe Care manufactures premium skin care products for the Health Care community. Each Aloe Care product is specifically designed and tested to meet the rigorous standards defined by the Health Care industry. Each of our quality products has a distinct skin care function and application.

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Maintain healthy skin with Aloe Care’s advanced skin care products

Maintaining clean and healthy skin each day can be challenging for anyone, even when practicing proper hygiene. We routinely encounter things that can potentially damage our skin or expose us to the risk of infection. For some, it can be as simple as a casual handshake or touching surfaces around the home or office. For others, maintaining healthy skin is more complicated; consider a bedridden or incontinent resident in a long term care facility. Reduced activity, aging and exposure to germs are just a few of the common obstacles maintaining healthy skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ – you need to protect it. The proper application of proven skin care products such as those designed by Aloe Care can promote cleaner, healthier skin. Aloe Care and the Aloe Care product line were created with the vision of enhancing quality of life through safe and healthy skin care. Aloe Care’s advanced products are designed to promote healthy skin through simple and effective personal hygiene. Make Aloe Care part of your daily skin care routine to protect and enhance your skin. Distributed exclusively through Medical Mart, each premium Aloe Care product has a unique skin care function and application. Aloe Care Perineal Wash Cream is specifically formulated to cleanse the perineal area and promote healthy skin, while our Aloe Care Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is designed to prevent infection by killing bacteria on the hands. Both of these quality skin care products are designed and tested according to the high standards put forward by the Canadian Health Care industry.

Protect and enhance your skin with high quality Aloe Care products

Aloe Care products provide Health Care providers, caregivers and consumers with convenient and effective skin care solutions. Protect the health of your skin by being proactive – include Aloe Care as part of your daily skin care management program.

Aloe Care Perineal Wash Cream for Effective Perineal Care

Aloe Care Perineal Wash Cream has been specifically designed and tested to cleanse the perineal area while leaving the skin protected and hydrated. Patients and residents feel refreshed and clean after using Aloe Care Perineal Wash Cream. Used in Acute Care Hospital, Long Term Care and Home Health Care settings, this high quality wash cream is a convenient and effective incontinence cleanser for caregivers and an excellent choice for efficient bedside care. Click here to learn more about Aloe Care Perineal Wash Cream.

Aloe Care Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer to Reduce the Risk of Infection

While frequent hand washing is the best way to reduce the risk of infection and any associated illnesses, soap and water are not always within reach. A no-rinse alcohol-based hand sanitizer such as Aloe Care’s Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer kills bacteria and is a convenient alternative to cleaning your hands with soap and water. The Aloe Care foam dispensing pump is an excellent choice for proper hand hygiene, eliminating mess and leaving your hands clean and fresh. Click here to learn more about Aloe Care Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.

Add true value to your Health Care facility with Aloe Care

Aloe Care products are distributed exclusively through Medical Mart, one of Canada’s leading health care product sales and distribution companies. This is a win-win for Aloe Care customers! Aloe Care brings you the distinct advantage of using only the highest quality skin care products, while Medical Mart offers our customers the value added benefits of dealing with one of the most streamlined medical product distribution systems in the Canadian Health Care industry.

Value Added Benefits of purchasing quality Aloe Care products

  • For your convenience, we offer Same day service – Next day delivery, One-stop shopping and Online Ordering
  • Customized ordering by “each”, box, case and skid
  • Aloe Care’s Best-in-class Service Commitment: At Aloe Care our objective for every customer interaction is service excellence. Our professionally trained, experienced Customer Service and Account Management teams bring reliability and knowledge to every conversation, while leveraging the Medical Mart supply chain. We offer our customers product specialists trained to bring you the expertise and insight you need to make intelligent purchasing decisions
  • Best Product Value through competitive pricing, quality products and reliable service
These are just a few of the key key benefits provided through Aloe Care. The professional Aloe Care team is dedicated to adding value to health care facilities, by enabling providers to deliver more efficient and cost-effective care to patients and residents. Click here today to order your Aloe Care Perineal Wash Cream or Aloe Care Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. Alternatively, Click here to learn more about our products.

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